About Hitting The Apex

Kathryn Sheehan, High Performance Motorsport Coach

My passion for sports psychology and motorsport coaching comes from 15 + years of involvement with teams competing in speedway, motocross, rallying and circuit racing, both in New Zealand and internationally. I’ve directly contributed to 5x national championship titles, 3x South Island (New Zealand) championship titles, and countless overall victories.

Motorsport Career Highlights

My career highlights to date include a feature in the UK’s Huffington Post, being an invited guest to speak at The Ritz in London, and having appeared regularly on New Zealand’s MoreFM radio station chatting about various psychology subjects.

The psychological side of motorsport and racing is often overlooked, yet it’s a vital skill which pairs perfectly with strength, technique & strategy training. Neglecting any one of these key training areas can limit even the best athlete’s preparation, right? Like the old adage says, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Arm Yourself With The Tools
That Make Winners

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What will you fall back on when you’ve had a bad session, you’re 10 points down with 2 minutes to go, or you’ve lost the first two sets? Will you fold, accept you can’t win, and decide todays just not your day? Or will you have a plan to cope, the tools to keep focused, and the belief that you can still win?

If you join with me, I will arm you with the tools through motorsport coaching that makes winners, champions. I sharpen the mental skills competitors need to perform at their peak. I know how to identify your ‘competition character’ and hone in on extracting your peak mental abilities with mental skills mind coaching.

You’ve found your secret weapon… now let me help you win a championship.