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High Performance Coaching

Sharpen Your Skills

I sharpen the mental skills competitors need to perform at their peak with a range of motorsport coaching. Each competitor is an individual… with an individual thought processes, individual outcomes, and requiring individual focus. One program won’t suit everyone.

I know how to identify your ‘competition character’ and hone in on extracting your peak mental abilities through endurance sport coaching and high performance training.

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Coaching Options

Remote Support Coaching


Working together ensures clarity, structure, confidence and goals are met by weekly accountability.

This is also great on your off-seasons helping you maintain your mental game ensuring you make the most of every opportunity.
Remote Coaching includes:

  • Weekly 1:1 online call.
  • Race meeting preparation
  • De-briefing sessions after races/tests
  • General coaching

NZ$550 per month

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Goals Strategy Session

This is a personal 1:1 session with you to help identify your short and long term goals. This is done using strategies which go into depth to make sure:

  • Your goals are as specific and clear as possible –
  • You not only know what you want, but why you want it
  • Tips to elevate your motivation and drive
  • Using personality traits to maintain motivation
  • Tips to use moving forward to achieve your goals.


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Race Event Coaching

I will be with you as your personal performance coach for your practice/test & race days, helping you to:

  • Create goals to be achieved for the weekend
  • Mental preparation before track sessions
  • Maintain focus and concentration during the event
  • Debriefs after each session
  • Ensure mental skillsets are continuously at their peak and to help work through any situations that may arise.


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1:1 Performance Coaching

Limited Availability – 1:1 High Performance Support Coaching:

This 1:1 High Performance Support Coaching is over a 3 or 6 month period. Working together for a longer period ensures clarity, structure, confidence and goals are met with on-going support and accountability.

We can also tackle any issues that arise, overcome problems and build habits and techniques that will help achieve long term goals.  This is an in-depth coaching where I am by the drivers side, keeping them accountable and helping them become the person they need to be to achieve their goals.

Details of what my personal 1:1 Support Coaching includes:

  • An in-depth goals and strategy session to know the exact plans of the driver. This leaves nothing to chance and ensures the driver is taking full control and responsibility for their success moving forward.
  • A detailed on-boarding session which allows me to know exactly where the driver currently sits on the 6 skills of internal mechanics being their goals, confidence, mindset, concentration, resilience & motivation. This clarity then helps me form a coaching program specific to their needs and what they need to focus on the most.
  • Weekly 1:1 call online. Approx 1 hour of face-to-face coaching, working from their tailored program including detailed breakdowns of things to work on during the week to help build and strengthen their internal mechanics using skills and strategies that work for the driver. This is also an opportunity to talk through any problems that come up and work on solutions and ways forward, and most importantly to celebrate achievements no matter how big or small.
  • Messaging access. The driver has access to message me outside of our weekly calls to answer queries/questions, celebrate accomplishments and assist in times of need. This access to me is within reason as we would discuss and agree to at beginning of our coaching relationship.
  • De-briefs with the driver to grade themselves on their training, practices, tests and racing. I then collate this information to keep track of their driving performance in relation to their mental work and any outside influences and use it in their coaching moving forward.


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