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Drivers And Weather Condition

Yesterday at the M-Developments Ltd Sprint Series Highlands – Experience the Exceptional it was wet ……. Wet wet!

I’m always fascinated by drivers when the conditions aren’t ideal. Shoulders slump, chins drop, language changes & you can see by their face what they are thinking. They walk around trying to register if other drivers are feeling the same way they are – this is of course purely to make themselves feel better.

Then there’s always the complete opposite- the driver excited about the wet conditions ready to go out & take advantage of everyone else’s lack of confidence. This really stirs up the pot!

The difference in these two types of drivers is HUGE, and I can tell you now that the results are already set, even before anyone starts racing.

Simply put, practise doesn’t make perfect…
Perfect practise makes perfect!
Make sure you practise under ALL conditions that you will come across to become not only more comfortable & confident, but also stay competitive no matter what raceday brings.